Plastic Oil Jug (1 Liter) High Quality & Beautiful Jug
Plastic Oil Jug (1 Liter) High Quality & Beautiful Jug
Plastic Oil Jug (1 Liter) High Quality & Beautiful Jug


Plastic Oil Jug (1 Liter) High Quality & Beautiful Jug

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Our plastic oil jug is great for milk, honey, vinegar, and cooking oil. The plastic jug is reusable, mildew-resistant, and resists bacteria growth.

  • Made from high-quality food-grade plastic, this oil bottle is perfect for everyday use.
  • A must-have in every kitchen, this plastic oil jug has a 1-Liter capacity.
  • They’re spill-proof and easy to clean!
  • This food-safe, easy-to-clean container makes it ideal for everyday use.
  • This oil jug is excellent for storing cooking oil, honey, and other products that need to be kept at room temperature.
  • This oil jug is durable and will give you years of home use.
  • Because oil is used in practically everything we cook, it is essential to have it on hand in the kitchen.
  • Large cans or plastic bottles are commonly used to transport oil. Pouring from them is tricky.
  • We store it in smaller jars or bottles most of the time, but spilling always results in grease in the kitchen.
  • In addition, we frequently pour more into the pan than is required.
  • Use the A-ONE Oil Pourer to pour the exact amount of oil you need while avoiding spills.
  • This traditional oil pourer features a spouted mouth that aids in correct pouring.
  • The ZERO-SPILL POURER is designed so that even the last drop of un-poured oil falls back into the container. The plastic jar is easy to clean and keeps it clean for a long time.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the wide-mouthed bottle.
  • This oil pourer with a 1000ml capacity is excellent for a household of 4-8 people.


  • Capacity = 1-Litre
  • Material = Plastic
  • Used For = Oil & Water
  • No Leakage
  • Safe & Healthy